Creative Consumption

Creative Consumption


You want to text while brushing your teeth

Full command of the internet underneath your eyelids

In tune with intuition you stream

The revolution in real time for reality TV

you inhale the outtakes find it funny

Because your fingertips forecast the weather

Index up you broadcast tonight’s ballgame

All the same agony switch channels telepathically

Transmit tragedy by opening mouth

High definition heaven on a panoramic screen

Digital footprint twelve steps to the American Dream

Scan the barcode on your brain

To recreate your memories for Top 10 highlights on ESPN

No need to tell a friend they have previewed your thoughts

Considered guilty did jailtime in womb

Before even stepping foot in court

Nation at war that’s the theme park attraction

On Planet Earth with hologram distraction

Satisfaction from the surreal

Easy to have mass appeal

even your breathing has a 360 deal

your misery is marketed

Pain promoted and poverty publicized

Cranium is commercialized

feed off your future like culture vultures

the day you stop buying

existence is dying

it’s over

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