I have lost more poems

Than I have scribbled

Midnite moments evaporate

Into memories of coulda been hits

I swear that shit was hot


Imagine the masterpiece

Theatre presentation you missed

In your mind countless ideas

Circle like autumn fallen leaves

The gaggle of geese are giggling

The flocks of birds holla

ayo in different pitches


you are accused of not being

prolific so specific yet vague

still talking yet to explain

in tune with sounds of nature

dehydration of desire

dedicated to dumb shit

more intelligent to be irrevelant


you wonder why your Pops

was in love with Jonathan Livingston Seagull

as you see gulfs between each other

ships passing blindly through day

chips devoured by night

unshakable hunger consumes

or at least is telling you to


continue though doubtful

a challenge to balance

like video games with broken controller

you are the sole owner of your soul

hard to believe

you might have to gas yourself up

to acknowledge the actual fact

in the mirror that can’t break


no mistakes jinx or bad luck

gotta keep it moving can’t be in same spots stuck

nice to visit give daps what up

same shit just a different horizon

what’s surprising is your threshold

for physical pain is papercuts

but your emotions are enlarged

across concrete canvases


merely bandages on leaking wounds

sky staring at you stars wide open

moon sticking tongue at you

like Cam said U mad?

Stretch out tight fibers

That cause you to shiver at your shadow

Quiver at the street magic

Of motion disappearing into fat air


Last light from Harlem

Fighter plane above

How can you refuse the wind

Ever abandon love

Not for a second just blink to get reminded

Of how truth tastes bittersweet

Accept it though stubborn


Shut thunder up born

Embrace your muse pushing you

To higher galaxies

If you went outerspace you might

Pass away cause you failed astronomy twice

Fingers frozen chosen to scribe you to survive

Behind every door there’s an open mic

Just for you to find it and love

It always feel so right

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