New dawn new day

New dawn new day


Waking up to birds singing

Envisioning brighter days stuck in the same place

Each minute there’s a message

Beggin to be discovered

So much original trauma you’ve never recovered

Scribbling the details with mysterious ink

Often times neighbors with the brink of insanity

But you never want to fear to pay a friendly visit

Every hood story short on specifics

Heavy innuendo with slight touch of personal hatred

Take each testimony with helpings of sodium

Hood loves to pontificate likes to hear themselves

On top of the ghetto podium

It all comes with 5 senses of urgency

Turbulence a steady part of this nutritious

Fried sustenance that might suffocate

Easier to procrastinate than elevate

Fuzzy measurements to precise equations

Results in rough outlines engrained in concrete

Cycles of vitals not found in the bible

Though these elegant angels keep searching

Every sound birthed pleasures of inevitable uprisings

As sun arises new possibility on the horizon

Relentless collection leads to pretentious depression

Without evaluating the circumstance

Predictions of happenstance

Brings death wherever you happen to stand

Capture courage at your command


These souls have sprouted flowers

Even in most treacherous of conditions

For your people you chuckle

At the miracle of their existence

Let alone yours

Standing there taking mental pictures

You hope and pray will develop

So many unopened bills still the envelope

Waiting to reveal jackpot to destiny rerouted

Impossible to scribe the summary that unlocks

The vision you have stepped right out of prison

Still have nightmares of being right there

Where you were fed Newports laced with nihilism

A cell full of self loathing

Location to love lost to reflections of real shit

You thought you may have the answer but you hear


Yo yall violated my G

Just you watch the world

Gonna wash yall lil niggas

The shorties scream at the top of their lungs

Just to get their moments in the sun

Where you wish you could walk right up

To smile laugh out loud at your dirty laundry

Indeed all our shit stink

Wonder at the beauty of your imagination

Sit back roll up

Zone out

Just think

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