daddy daycare


Don’t let your son run away
Hold him tight against chest

Until he tells you
It’s time to walk

Learning to talk
Comes first with a set of demands

Divine can lift you vertical
Keep marching towards horizon
Enterprising your energy

Vida is endless entropy

Letting dust settle
Before rising to next level

Volume surrounds whispers echo
Streetlights give
Glamorous shine to glorious ghetto

Scream at the sky
While walking over a bridge

Learn from subconscious
Give you instructions how to live

Gratitude determines your aptitude
Can’t complain if you slacking to lean

Can hardly dream if you only accept reality
Worth can’t be equated with salary

Cut the calories
Trim fat from diet
Please try it don’t fight it

Protector when patrolling playgrounds
Possible peligros

Stuck in same exact spot
Only thing changing is scenery

Same rock and tree keep passing on loop
Hasty pursuits

Faith can make you faster
All those accomplishments might gas you

Agree with your affirmations
Cultivate creative

Don’t let propaganda alter your native

Hold love in your hands
Don’t let anyone ever take it 

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