Just because you trap/Don't mean that you trapped

Smoke Spot Logic

As eyes in skies is plotting
Be as flagrant as you can

Fux them
No love for filthy swine frame of mind
Even if you brown you blue

Stay balling no matter how much guap been thru
Outta town is sweeter than rotten apple

Skee up cracker dope fiends to get proper reparation
Damage suburbs turn them back to plantations

Give them sweet krills call you master
Savage how you drool like a cannibal

Need to be smarties in your IV
Blood flowing to backed up cerebellum

Barcode around barrio surveillance
Somebody’s always watching me
Rockwell could only be well featuring with MJ

Walk on moon
Tiptoe on constellation

Congregate despite constraints
Painted rainbow royalty light through prison’s prism
Pyramids’ shadows casting darkness across bricks

Chess table smiles from so many sessions
Hope inhaled desperation
Released deliberate ignorance

Better consider twice 456 on dice thrice
Only second once
Blunts confronted salaries higher calorie combination
With side of ghetto spectacles

Radioactive repercussion
One day wake up with tentacles

Ghetto Gregor Samsa vermin with 360 degree
Complete freedom of block living

Ill losing never thinking how you sinning

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