'ta heavy eso


Struggle on your shoulders causes you to slouch
Locked on couch stuck slumping

Chumping bumping memories echo downstairs
Touch unreachable places in statis

Lack of movement leaves dusty residue
Under muddy boots traveling distant paths

Carryover being good at match until
Fickle finances advanced intelligence

Experience deficit illegible jewels
Stacked profound rekindle lost fire
Desire burning rapidly extinguished

Decades ago distinguished
Now reputation demolished

How can you finish what has not
Yet been started

Due time we all shine
Don’t keep your blessings so guarded

Brand new dawn has risen
Liberated from doubt’s prison

Please ride ancient rhythms with precision
Remember how you was once living
Outside margins

Starvation for a chance to dance
Imagination was teaching you
Way to become a ninja

Precise palabras like
Babita bailando salsa
Pops guttural hahahaha
Big brother James torture rack
Moms sleeping on floor hurting back

Heart and brain will push you beyond
Blue moon shone bright once upon

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