say what you say

Play me a ballad

Asking what new
More like same ol blame soul

Remix your arrangement for a brand new composition
Switching your mission towards divine work

Rewards are stress no compensation
Except satisfaction

You tried to improve the planet
At same speed as yourself

Listening to breeze that hushes you
When you rudely attempt to make a labored point
Or extra emphasize on a corny punchline
To keep up lame conversation

Object is journey
Where we discuss shortcomings with revolutionary love
Forcing us to improve practice

No prepackaged answers can possibly address
Bigger pictures or minor details where devil hides
In shadows begging for a moment to distract you
From ever accomplishing your dreams

Returning to lame topics in your slumber
Don’t let your attitude be a bummer

Become buddies with thunder
Merely Chango giving you a shout to be on point

Clouds gonna be clapping
Sky ain’t gonna be laughing

Why you even pursue a passion
Easier to let frustration simmer below surface
Until ready to boil over
Then you might catch inspiration

Making individual sales in a distributor’s market
Saying look boi I ain’t always got time to spark it

You better make some moves on your better behalf
Homies will go half on a dub
But won’t go half on some grub

Insisting on what will submerge
Preferred method is high dosage on low voltage

Just enough slug to tickle it

Keep the respirator humming
Comfortable to get to drumming
Claiming we want higher learning
Never deserving another chance

GOD will provide many options only if you maintain
Perpetual motion towards manifestation of greater creation
No longer waiting straight taking what you will get

Can’t force anyone to think
But you can’t teach them to run with the first step

Metele mojong
Get down and give away all you have wasted

Bring it back to basics
Duck duck goose
Bruk bruk work to twerk with the truth
Red light green light 123
Familia dead like dreams take flight
Life ain’t always what it seems

Just because you give me daps doesn’t mean you my homie
Just because you surrounded by crew doesn’t mean you not lonely
Could ask me a million whatups still never know me

Zero times zero equals zero
Hero minus dinero make you nero

Burning up self immolation
Bathe in your own fickle fire

For lack of desire dedication subtracted
Who left waiting
Asalaam alakium

Satan tempts you with bacon
Perchance a quick conversation will bring some needed perspective
Selection from widescope of hope

Narrow your focus to conquer the hopeless
Conjure once upon a sublime happenstance

Dreams run in circles
Authentic virtue never virtual

Pinch yourself to feel pain if you don’t believe
If lying my body drop dead
With no spirit left in my spine

Dare to imagine
Half already happened other already occurred
No documenting morbid details with optimistic objectives

Spit inconspiciuos superflagrant beyond obvious
How dare you ignore blind hypocrisy with mocking laughter

Paint a picture of paradise after disaster
Detoriating faster than we could develop

Place lifetime in an envelope
See who is willing to receive

Don’t let doubt depreciate what you should appreciate
How far is distance between good and great

Please elevate your craft

Honor your blessed inspiration if you willing
Never too late to start living

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