Bien Feo, After Winter Storm Pax

Days you are off
Make sure you have a legitimate excuse
To be missing your job

Such as taking care of child
Not wining with a hangover

Sober mind better than impaired brain
Easy to ride train rather than push your vehicle
Uno tiene que manejar para trabajar

Ponte a bailar
Make snow angels in the dirty precipitation
What are you waiting for to take a vacation

Praying that your wheels will keep pushing through
Slick ice
Revise your route towards path of salvation

Child has a chance to play with friends
Acquired hours that have been abusive for your wealth

Diminish at speed of depreciation
Wasting with cell decay

Tomorrow looks better than present second
Full of regretting

Bet the barrio will stay the same
Except all the OGs age faster than hood

Depending on where you stand
You might be running away from destiny

Facing bashful sky too high to ever be
Tangible distance

Civilian witnessing war casualties
Tragedy turns up apathy

Realize majesty with visions of clarity
Narrow stretch between fantasy and actually

Happily accept opportunity shaking your hand
Giving you opening to promised land
Toes in cloudy sand

Terror is what you let infiltrate your soul’s security
Marble resolve as solid as fountain of youth’s rock

Slam granite to crack surface beneath crust
Divine beloved only instinct you could trust

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