Public delinquent

Subliminal ignorance
Qualified nonsense by
Stupid followers

No consequence
Followed by insincere apology

Can’t be bothered
Insides starving
Ribs touching

Cool shit as crutch
What do you lust
Whom do you trust

Devils pie baked crust
Feel rush
100 % foolish terror

Clueless characters
Playing games of charades

Invisible mind critical
Conscious of being called criminal

Never subliminal
Spit directly at face
Please taste disrespect

What memories will you collect
Along pathetic path

Shattered dreams
Incomplete nightmares

Where responsibility
Dipsets on your daily value

Evil suffocates spirit
Never had a chance to breathe

Living life through thumb
Your dumbness
Starts to rub

Static electric shock
Can you even afford charges

No surprise
You can barely survive

Intelligent oxygen
Is in limited quantities

Gimmicks and impostors
Try to sell
You bridge streetlights
And a dash of truth

Only your experience
Can be living proof

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