Descanse En Poesia, Tato Laviera

I think in Spanish/I write in English
                                                -Tato Laviera

Como puedo decir distracted distances en multiple lenguas
Future looking more mezclao

Gente from different countries all speaking Spanglish fluent
Primo we need to organize to get that power

Barrio loco shorties got that sour
Loudpack sonido en stereo

Dimelo how vecinos turned blancos
Got that banco popular

Except we are far from popular democratic
Declarations of pan tierra libertad

Subsidized that state will make you a slave through barcode
Scanned and watched

Mucho bochinche and porqueria on the block
Don’t want to start a resurrection of Young Lords Party
Pa’lante only a documentary
Fuzzy VHS ripped DVD sold for a dollar on 125th

Shift in mentality marketed by prison industrial complex
Owning music industry murdering ears
Ponce massacre of minds sterilized souls

Estrellas imperceptible reflections
Calles chain your confidence

Constellations have muffled conversations
Giving you answers before side smirk
Break off in tonterias captures complete totality

Ghetto griot grito orality caserio newscasters
Replay lowlights of vicious pobreza cycle
Vital signs show high blood pressure
Bad cholesterol prediabetic disaster running faster

Happy hours at sweatbox social clubs
Looking for love in all the long faces
Race for independence speed walking marathon
Mananas depend on milagros migrating where
Isla dreams can be reborn from project penthouses
Skyline matches frame of mente molded by palabras

Motivating your jibaro heritage
Teaching proper lessons forever holding onto
Ancestral love sin compromisa sacred promise

Push next generation con fuerza siempre amor
Confianza en our belleza

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