nowhere to go but up

Bop Gone Sad
                  After Willie

Damn homie/in High school you was the man homie/what the fuck happened to you? –Curtis Jackson

In between your dreams
Life happens

So fast you couldn’t catch up
With fantasies of places
You would never visit even
If wishes was granted

Slanted eyes don’t let you see straight
Crooked as your confidence you let evaporate

Meditate on melting frozen
Chosen charisma consider future
With you broken sentences with bad intentions

Standing still in shadows
Arrows pointed directly at shaky temple

Meant to live glorious existence
Not dwell on all you missed

Used to swish now you throw up bricks
Destroying instead of building not so willing

Initiate and instigate brothers’ rapid demise
Spiraling down drain

Fist wrapped around gold chain
Suffocating blood to malnourished brain

Making you believe you have best perspective
When purpose walked out long time ago

Nowhere to circle in search of getting low
Bottom has been horizon for too long

Moonlight highlights descent at breakadawn

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