peace, miguel pinero.

Perhaps tomorrow will be my today- Miguel Pinero

Proclaim existence to be acknowledged
Right this second not for delayed gain

Examine the wrinkles of the universe
To find a spot in outerspace that twinkles

Enough for the wishes to be granted
Seeking understanding from mystical enigma

Picture without proper megapixels
Won’t have fully defined features

So you might have to make up portions along
The path littered with past mistakes
That don’t have do overs giving brand new start

You been desperately craving
Braving a cold destiny to determine warm fate
Steaming heaping plates of all the food forbidden

Wisdom knowledge acquired through experience
Taxed because we tough turbulence on calm waters

Respond to every prayer in timely fashion
Scream at the skies with thug’s passionate fatal fury

Show at least the first step walking to meet halfway
Stay dry amongst God’s dandruff flakes

Make sure you are bundled up and insulated
Premeditated frustration leads to exaggerated actions
With off rhythm repercussions
To keep you grooving in tempo with temerity

Trust we have plenty of nothing to lose
Shifting the rubik’s cube to resemble
The planet stranded in the cosmos

Confined to a corner where your presence
Predicted a goner but your shadow is still breathing

Gain confidence from miniscule ability to survive
Distracted so easy started to zone out as you spoke

Awoke to light shining from the street
But you should run back inside
Towards gardens of edens
Resembling the backpark afterdark

Few summers when temperature was turned down
Slowly boiling for the random recommendations
To roast your reputation

In these days where greys are fading
So amazing to regenerate multiplication of movement

Particles diffused over wide spectrum
Only a selection can attain natural roots recovery
Searching through artifacts led to discovery of self
In midst of redemption

Act out your blessings today
Tomorrow seems so tempting

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