familia olmo

Thanks to brothers and sisters
Cool enough to say what up
Acknowledge presence
Conversation jokes beyond second
How much effort does it take for you
To be a true friend
Lend a helping hand spend a weekend
Moving your homies
Won’t be so easy to pick up phone for a quick getup
Guys’ nights for pitchers wings and bullshit
Bonding these days takes preplanning with wife
Childcare for a few hours to forget responsibility
Realize true connections don’t come so often
Lost in mist of everyday monotony
Can take for granted those that got me
Never hold me back want me to rise and shine
Push each other to bigger frame of mind
Time passes so fast can barely blink
Before every radio show
High school dance
Poetry performance
AfLatAm meeting
Chillout crash good times better meals
Fades away before you can savor minutes
Blessed by divine spirits allowing
Confused children to congregate
Make sense of future while cherishing the past
These moments should be more regular
Where we recognize the brilliance of the crew
Much love hermano never goodbye
More holla at me te veo real soon

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